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How to Access the Dell Mobile Connect Step by Step Guide

Dell computers and laptops have taken the market by storm. Affordability combined with premium build-up is what makes Dell one of the most popular laptop brands all over the world. Dell offers ranges of laptops for various functions like office, gaming, personal and many more. They also have an exclusive range for college students. Business laptops, 2-in-1 PCs, mobile workstations, Dell never ceases to amaze. With such class in the product range, it is expected that Dell will bring up new features that will ease up the customer experience.

What is Dell Mobile Connect?

Smartphone has become an integral part of everyone’s life. With a compact size and high-end features within the reach of the palm, people are preferring phones that can give them the same features or more than their laptops. To bridge the gap between computing and smartphones, Dell has introduced a complete wireless integration for the same. Known as Dell Mobile connect, this feature helps the iOS and Android Smartphone users to make all their mobile and its functionaries like calling, texting, accessing notification, using mobile apps, transfer files, etc. right from your laptop!

Dell at a Glance:

Dell is a USA based multinational technology company. It specializes in manufacturing, selling, supporting and repairing computers, laptops, and related services and products. Its founder’s name is Michael Dell. Dell is regarded as one of the largest computer manufacturing and Technology Company employing over 145,000 people in and outside the US. Till 2014, Dell was ranked in 51st position in the Fortune 500 list. Right now, Dell is ranked as the third-largest PC vendor in the whole world just after Lenovo and HP.

Sounds amazing right? Here a step by step guidance will be given about accessing Dell Mobile Connect without any need to contact the technical support. Though technical support contact point is given at the end, yet, you can easily follow these simple steps to access the features of Dell Mobile Connect in your PC or laptop.

The Requirement to Access Dell Mobile Connect:

Before accessing Dell Mobile Connect, make sure you meet the following criteria. Matching them will ensure the smooth installation and running of Dell Mobile Connect. Take a look!

  • Stable Internet Connection: Having strong internet connectivity, is very crucial for the installation and running of Mobile Connect. Any interruption in internet connectivity while installation may mar the performance of the app. So before opting for installation, make sure to run the speed test of Wi-Fi or data card you are using.
  • Compatible Dell Product: Dell Mobile Connect is available for Dell models namely Inspiron, Alienware PCs, XPS, and Vostro with Bluetooth. It means the devices have to be purchased in January 2018 or later. The product purchased before January 2018, may not adhere to the quality that requires for running this set-up. However, Dell is working on upgrading the features of machines purchased before January 2018 to accommodate the Mobile Connect facility seamlessly.
  • Smartphone Platform: In the case of Android mobile it must run on version 6 or above to facilitate integration. For iOS, the version must be 10 or above.

However, with the latest update, any laptop or computer with Windows 10 as OS, can access the facilities of this mirror app.

Installing Dell Mobile Connect in Dell Laptop or Windows 10:

  • Go to the Settings from the menu option. Then go to the ‘Update and Security’. From there choose ‘For Developers’.
  • After that, download the Dell Mobile Connect Appx file.
  • After installing the setup, double click Dell Mobile Connect Appx to fully set up the file.
  • Then Download Dell Mobile Connect Driver. This will enable the running of the app smoothly. You can download it from here: www.dell.com/support/home

Support Dell US

  • Go to the Files. Search for the folders of extracted files. From there, select ‘dell mobile connect setup’. Double click on it to complete the full set-up installation.

After completing these steps, your Dell Mobile Connect is as re3ady to go smooth.

Dell Mobile Connect is now available at version 2.0.

How To c]Connect Dell Mobile Connect with Smartphone:

After installing it on the laptop, now is the time to connect with your Smartphone. Follow these steps to make it happen:

  • On Android smartphones, go to Google Play Store and search for ‘dell mobile connects’. In the case of the iOS device, go for App Store.
  • After downloading, run the mobile connect app on your laptop.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of both laptops and smartphones. Now connect with your Smartphone.
  • A dashboard will appear. Below, ‘Which type of phone are you using?’ option, select the Android/iOS whichever Smartphone you are using.
  • Open the dell mobile connect app on your phone.
  • Now click on the ‘Pair With A PC’ button from your phone.
  • After clicking the button, a code will appear.
  • Now in the PC, you will find a dashboard namely, ‘Connect your Phone to Your PC’. There=, you will find a bar to enter the code displayed on your phone.
  • After typing the code on your PC, click on the ‘Next’ button.

Thus the connection between the Smartphone and PC has been successfully establishing. Now it is easy to sync in all the phone features to your PC with a few swipes.

Dell Support Centre:

In case, you are facing any problem regarding installation, connection and functioning, immediately contact the Dell Support Centre. Dell has a unique and smooth way to address customer requests, queries, and complaints.

Via Website:

Dell has an amazing way to connect via every channel. One of the comprehensive ways to connect is by placing the request directly on Dell’s website for technical assistance. For that, click on the link, www.dell.com/Contact-Information. From there select the option according to your query, request, and complaint:

  • Technical Support.
  • Order Support.
  • Sales.
  • International Support Services.
  • Dell EMC Administrative Chat.
  • Dell EMC Support Site Help.
  • Carry in Service Centres.
  • Partner Support.

Via Call/Chat/Email:

Contact the Dell Support Team via call 1800 425 2067. All your queries ‘ requests and complaints will be promptly answered by the representatives. To check the number per the country, go to www.dell.com. Scroll down and select the country from the below drop-down list. Click on the Contact Us option. You will be redirected to various numbers and chat room according to the issue and location.



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