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Pets at Home Tell Us Your Tail Survey

About Pets at Home Survey

Pets at Home is a retailer of pet supplies in the United Kingdom. Pets at Home is taking this survey to know about the customer’s thinking or how the customers are enjoying their services. This survey will help the company to know about the customers’ likes and dislikes to satisfy the customers. And also, to bring about the Pets at Home services and products as per the market situations and customer needs and demands. And this survey is for the loyal persons who will sincere about the company’s upgradation or help the company to acquire the topmost position in the industry. Because they also wanted to make their future visits to the Pets at the Home store more attractive and amazing.

This survey is organized with several aspects and one of them is to get the facts or information like product quality and quantity, about the store’s locations and the instore presence and the service and overall experience of the customers. Pets at Home want to know the points that customers don’t want to see and what customers are looking for. And the other is to remove the gap between the customers and the company management. And all these facts can be taken by this type of survey.

This survey is an online survey and participants have to be online while taking this survey. During the survey, every participant must remember their last visit to the Pets at the Home store. Participants have to remember about the store location and the instore environment and the product quality and the product quantity and also about the product cost. Then participants have to rate their several services as per their satisfaction. And share the overall experience. Pets at Home are not looking for their praise they also finding the negative sides of their service.

The Pets at Home did not let your survey or feedback go in vain they are giving rewards to those who are taking the survey genuinely and giving loyal feedback. And you have to follow some rules and requirements and maintain those throughout the time of performing the survey which will make you eligible for the survey.

Pets at Home Survey Prize:

Once you realize that you are eligible to take the survey then complete the survey, and upon completion of the survey, you must get a prize. But if you want to take the survey prize then you have to go under a process and maintain the rules and requirements regarding the survey prize. just after submitting your survey, you will be eligible to enter the survey sweepstake process and you will get a promo code, and by redeeming that promo code you will get the survey prize.

The survey prize is a Pets at Home Gift Voucher. The value of the gift voucher is $500. You will get the gift voucher when you visit Pets at Home next time. And you have to maintain all the rules and also fulfill the survey requisites to easily perform this survey.

Your reward is fully depending on what is printed on your receipt. And You will get only that as the rewards which will be printed on your receipt. So, your reward can be different from other participants, and for that reason, you have to check your receipt to know about your reward in detail.

Pets at Home Survey Rule and Requirements:

  • To make an entry to the survey sweepstake process by performing the survey participants have to maintain some rules and requirements. These rules are in the process to make the participants eligible for the survey, and the requirements will help the participants or the customers to make the preparations that are needed to take the survey. The survey rules and requirements are as follows.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old to perform this survey because under 18 years old are not eligible for this survey. and the age of 18 years is the minimum age limit of this survey.
  • This survey is available only in the English language so you must have the basic quality of the English language to read and understand the survey language to perform this survey smoothly.
  • A smart device is essential for this survey. Because this survey is an online survey and to perform this survey you have to be online by accessing the internet and to access the internet a smartphone or computer or a laptop is needed.
  • This can be performed only in the online method and to be online for the time being you must have a strong network connection. Having a strong connection will help you to be online continuously until the feedback-giving process will end up.
  • To make an entry by performing this survey you must have a Pets at Home receipt with you and that receipt will help you to perform the survey and also to know about the survey reward.
  • This survey is limited to one time. This means you cannot perform this survey more than one time and if any participants will do so then except for the first performed survey no other survey will be able to make an entry to the survey sweepstake process to win a reward.
  • Working employees of Pets at Home and their relatives are not allowed to perform this survey and also the affiliates, sponsors, agencies, and companies are not eligible to take the survey.
  • Your reward is only for you and it can be redeemed by you only. So, you are not allowed to sell or transfer or combine your prize for cash or any other alternative thing.
  • A valid email id is necessary to take part in this survey and also to redeem the reward.

How to Perform Pets at Home Survey:

  • After reading the rules and requirements of this survey if you get that, you can be able to take the survey then perform the survey. But don’t forget to share genuine and true feedback. To perform the survey easily you can follow the below steps.
  • To perform the Pets at Home Survey you have to browse this link and reach the survey site.

 Pets at Home Survey

  • After reaching the survey site you have to enter some details in the given place from your receipt.
  • You have to enter details like Quote Ref, Date, Time, and the Amount Spent. These mentioned details are available in your receipt.
  • Then click on the “Start” button to start the main process, the feedback-giving process.
  • Now a group of questions will seem and you have to answer all questions genuinely as per your understanding.
  • Then you will enter a new page where you have to rate the Pets at Home products and services as per your general satisfaction level and gathered experience.
  • Questions that will be asked in this survey are based on your visit knowledge. Pets at Home will ask you about their services and product quality and about the price of their products, and many other things based on their store and etc. You have to answer the questions by recalling your visit.
  • Then you have to provide your details like name, address, contact number, email address.
  • After that, you must submit your survey and get the promo code. And take the reward by redeeming that code on your future visit to the Pets at Home.
About Pets at Home

Pets at Home is a retailer of pet supplies in the United Kingdom. It sells pet products like food for pets, toys, bedding, medicines, accessories, and also pets. It was created in the year of 1991 by Anthony Preston. Now it is headquartered in Handforth, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.

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Pets at Home Contact Info

If you have any queries about the Pets at Home then you can send an email with your problem written on it. You have to send an email containing your complaint or inquiry in this email id Or also you can visit the Pets at Home official website by browsing this link and then click on the about us and then contact us.


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