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The Week’s Crosswords & Sudoku Playing Guidelines

Few can oppose the test of a decent crossword or Sudoku confuse. Luckily, perplex enthusiasts wherever would now be able to exploit the week after week challenges given continuously. Baffle solvers should initially choose an issue date, to begin with, a crossword or Sudoku. Subsequent to choosing an issue, players can promptly start unraveling one of the accessible riddles. Notwithstanding internet understanding, players can likewise print the riddles off to play as it was done in the good ‘ol days. Players who are confused can tap the connection posted at the base of The Week Puzzle page to raise the answers for the two riddles.

The Week Subscription Details

  • The Print Plus Digital membership offers access to the magazine and the online release

  • The Week Print Edition gives 50 weeks after week home conveyances

  • Supporters will pay $1.19 an issue for multi-year of a Print Plus Digital membership

  • Endorsers will pay $0.99 an issue for multi-year of The Week Print membership

  • The Week offers 1-year memberships yet at a higher per issue value that the multi-year

The magazine offers its riddle players the opportunity to score 4 hazard-free issues at the base of The Week Puzzle page. Players can exploit the idea by finishing a concise online structure with a name, address, and email address. Notwithstanding the hazard free preliminary, players can likewise give The Week as a blessing by tapping the catch posted at the upper right-hand side of the page.

Giving The Week as a Gift

  • The buyer should initially choose the kind of membership

  • Subsequent to choosing the kind of membership the term must be picked

  • Buys must enter both their very own name and address just as the beneficiary’s

  • The Week acknowledges membership installments with a charge card or with a PayPal account

Endorsers can deal with a membership online by signing into The Week with a record number, postal division, and address.

Subscribe for The Week Puzzle

For this go to, www.theweek.com/puzzle

Here, at the top right side of the page, click on, ‘Subscribe and save’ in blue.

The Week Puzzles Subscribe

In the new tab, at the middle choose from,

  • The week print + digital

  • The week print

After that scroll down you can see the Amazon account help

Then under that type,

  • Full name

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • Country

  • Zip/postal

  • City

  • Email

  • Then, scroll down a bit, and fill up the card details,

  • Card number

  • Month

  • Year

  • Then, click on ‘Subscribe now’ from the bottom right side in red.

Give a gift The week puzzle

For this go to, www.theweek.com/puzzle

Here, at the top right side of the page, click on, ‘Give a gift’.

The Week Puzzles Give a Gift

In the new tab at the middle type,

Recipient information,

  • Recipient Name:

  • Address 1:

  • Address 2:

  • City:

  • State/Province:

  • Zip/Postal:

  • Country

If you are sending an e-card type,

  • Email Card:

  • Recipient Email:

  • Card Choices:

  • Send Date:

  • Message:

The at the middle left to type your personal information,

  • Your Name:

  • Address 1:

  • Address 2:

  • City:

  • State/Province:

  • Zip/Postal:

  • Country:

  • Email

Then, the billing information,

  • Type of Card:

  • Card Number:

  • Card Expiration

  • Then, from bottom right click on, Submit’, you can also add another recipient.

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Customer help

To get more info you a call on, 877-245-8151. Or send an email to, theweek@customersvc.com.

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